Significance of SYSTEMA

One can observe several closely welded aspects of SYSTEMA that are shared with trainees:

The spiritual aspect – spiritual development of a trainee, building a system of his or her values and goals;

Psychological aspect – development and invigoration of the trainees’ psyche;

Physical aspect – development of physical body and its abilities;

Health aspect – trainees health improvement;

Special-Purpose aspect – achievement of high level results in any kind of activity, including a professional one;

Social aspect – prepare trainees to adapt to different social conditions, including unfavorable;

A person working towards mastery of “SYSTEMA” gradually acquires a great deal of extremely valuable universal knowledge and skills, which he or she extensively uses in everyday life: private life, professional activities, relations with other people, solving problems arising from stressful tight situations, etc. No matter which objectives a person had in mind, when he or she starts doing SYSTEMA, the skills he acquires lead to the same result – growth of his/her personality, physical, psychological and spiritual development and improved health.