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What is Systema?

Systema, Russian martial art, is more than just self-defense – it’s a transformative journey.  Our primary goal is NON-DESTRUCTION, both physically and psychologically.  In Systema, you won’t find strikes, kicks, blocks, or throws that harm the joints. We prioritize biomechanics, ensuring the body is always in its natural position. Our techniques are simple, subtle, and powerful.

Breathwork is another fundamental aspect. It’s the key to controlling fear during confrontations. Systema students practice specialized breathing exercises, helping them maintain continuous and uninterrupted breathing, even in high-pressure situations. This not only keeps them composed but also aids in stress recovery and overall health.

Systema embraces NATURAL AND SPONTANEOUS movements, preparing students for the unpredictable. There are no fixed stances; instead, students learn to be comfortable in various situations, promoting adaptability and effortless reaction.

In Systema, we avoid TENSION, both physical and psychological. Every exercise is performed with proper breathwork, natural positioning, and the right speed. The result? Energized, calm, and happy individuals.

Non-AGGRESSION is another core value. We help students understand the fear that leads to aggression. By working directly with fear, Systema produces good-natured, confident people who know how to deal with strikes, falls, and mistakes without fear.

Systema enhances analytical skills, promoting self-evaluation and true confidence, which doesn’t rely on praise or ranks. Our non-competitive setting encourages friendships and positive personal growth.

Practicality is paramount in Systema. There are no uniforms, and memorization of patterns is discouraged. Natural, spontaneous movements keep training fresh and challenging.

Systema’s psychological benefits are profound. We focus on building permanent qualities, overcoming impatience, laziness, envy, and egotism. Specialized exercises strengthen the body, develop endurance, and teach young people to detect and remove negative emotions effectively.

Ultimately, Systema cultivates healthy, active, and skilled individuals. Our goal is to produce people who won’t be a burden on society in old age. They’ll react to stress and danger calmly, know how to recover from injury or disease, and be positive forces in their communities.

About Training:

Training at Wisdom Athletics will introduce you to the great secrets of this fighting style and give you the opportunity to improve your creativity with endurance for real-world self defense. We work as individuals, or in groups depending on the topic.

Our classes focus on many elements of Systema from movement for defense against single or multiple opponents, cold water conditioning, to breathing which revitalizes and strengthens the body. This training covers methods, principles, and physical excercises for clearing panic and fear from the body and mind.

Practitioners learn to receive and deliver various strikes, defend themselves, and heal the body and mind to prepare for life threatening situations.

Movement is practiced in different scenarios, with multiple attackers, with or without weapons, chains, sticks, knives etc.

Our training serves the purpose to strengthen the whole person, mind body and Spirit.  Each person working to their best abilities. Practitioners are also encouraged to study Systema through the official Systema DVD training videos and reading materials. Link

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All of us at Wisdom Athletics extend our genuine gratitude and love to Mikhail, Vladimir, Konstantin, and affiliated Systema families. Your clear and practical instruction continues to provide courage, strength and inspiration to our training everyday.

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“No matter which objectives a person had in mind, when he or she starts doing SYSTEMA, the skills he acquires lead to the same result – growth of his/her personality, physical, psychological and spiritual development, and improved health.”  – Mikhail Ryabko