Welcome to Wisdom Athletics. Russian Martial Art in Victoria BC.

Through dedicated and inspired training you will come to know the strength, courage and miracles that support life, and help build men and women into true peaceful warriors.

Systema holds no belt titles or tournaments for participants, and emphasizes clarity in psyche over learned movement and strategy. When the psyche is clear and strong, good judgement and efficient movement follows.

We offer you a complete set of principle based physical and mental training exercises designed to help you reach your maximum human potential. Skills learned are assets, like tools to work with, tools for building natural and creative inspiration to solve and endure all challenges of life.

It is our ambition that the “tools” acquired at Wisdom Athletics help people protect their values and families from harm, while being free of emotional and physical burdens.

Our training holds no ethnic, age, or sexual bias’ and is for everyone. It is applicable in life regardless of ones circumstance, health or position.

Systema and the traditions of this fighting style date back hundreds of years with great history. We offer not just this practice to you, but also its livelihood and community, for the process of Self-actualization.

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